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  • Eash garage door at your house or business is reviewed under a 16-point inspection
  • Every garage door opener system, including remote and receiver, in your home or business undergoes a 14-point inspection
  • Also, we can lubricate the entire drive mechanism on your garage doors
  • Set the garage door opener limit switches
  • Lubricate the entire drive mechanism on all the opener systems
  • We always check the keypad and transmitter batteries and replace as many as needed
  • Adjustment of the electric garage door opener and tighten the chain
  • We will tighten or replace, if need be, defective garage door bolts & nuts
  • If needed we will lubricate the garage door’s rollers and pulleys


Your garage door is one of the largest and most important entryways into your home or business so it is vital that you make sure that any door is secured well and is in good operating condition.

We are firm believers in preventative maintenance for any part of your home or business, especially ones as important as your garage doors.

If you are already having issues with your current garage door, then the next step is to have our professionals visit to inspect the problems and to quote you for the cost of repair, if any. Our team will work with you to find a price that works for your needs.

When you contact us, we will figure out if the door can be repaired or if it requires total replacement. Often times, just a portion of the door can be replaced or repaired without an entire garage door replacement. Once we have gotten to this point, we will be ready to head out for your free garage door repair estimate.

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